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Application Gallery
  1. In case of dry tilling either bent or straight tynes can be fitted depending upon the moisture in the field. Normally this operation is done immediately after harvest to remove the roots or removing the weeds in the field or loosening the soil for better aeration. Dry tilling is also done prior to planting seeds for dry crops such as Ground nut,...
    Dry Tilling
  2. The engine can be used as a Prime mover to couple to a suitable standard Generator available in the market. The Generator can be used for operating : 
  3. The Power Tiller Operated Transmission Drive Reaper is used for harvesting both line planted & random planted crops of Paddy & Ragi. This unit cuts and wind-rows the crop in a straight line for easy collection. It works better on dry land.  
    Reaper for Power Tiller
  4. Exclusive attachment used with rotovator of power tiller. Drill seed & fertilizer in row. It consists of seed and fertilizer boxes separately, shoe type furrow opener and spiked ground wheel. It is suitable for sowing seed of Wheat, Soya Bean, Bengal Gram etc.,
    Fertilizer Cum Seed Drill Attachment
  5. Trailer of 1.5 tons capacity can be fitted for transport of goods. Type of Trailers : Standard Mechanical Tipping Hydraulic Tipping Garbage trailer for collection of Garbage & Transport Water tanker of capacity 1000 ltrs can be fitted with Power Tiller for carrying drinking water.  
  6. Reversible Mould Board Plough is primarily used to plough virgin fields, fields that are left unploughed for long periods, fields that are too hard, full of deep rooted unwanted plants, shrubs, weeds etc.
    Reversible Mould Board Plough
  7. Power Tiller fitted with a shorter rotary (340 mm) and extended lugged wheel is used for inter cultivation operation for deweeding and loosening the soil in Sugar cane fields. A smaller furrower specially designed for Sugar cane field, can be used for bund formation which also helps in irrigation. After Sugar cane harvesting, shorter rotary can be...
    Shorter Rotary (340MM)
  8. The Ridger is used for making ridges for row crops such as Sugercane, Potato, chillies, tobacco, banana etc. as well as for opening furrows for water flow. The ridger should be used when the soil is slightly moist and used only after tilling the land once or twice. The Ridger is fitted on the Rotary assy with the help of a special bolt & nut.
  9. Puddling operation is done before transplanting the paddy seedlings. For this field operation power tiller is fitted with Lugged wheels or drum type cage wheels depending upon the soil conditions after removing the Rubber Tyres for better traction. Rotary is fitted with Bent tynes. Tail wheel is also to be replaced with tail wheel float for...
  10. Bent tynes are to be fitted to the rotary for reverse tilling operation. There must be sufficient moisture in the soil. Basin formation can be done by reverse tilling around the plants & trees. This operation is to be carried out only after specific training is given to the operator.