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A Long Journey


VST Tillers Tractors Pvt Ltd is a part of VST group that was founded by Late Sri. V.S. Thiruvengadaswamy Mudaliar in the year 1911. Since then the group has grown successful on large distribution of Automobiles in Karnataka & Tamil Naidu.


  • Promoter VST Motors Pvt Ltd secures industrial license to manufacture power tiller.
  • The Government of Mysore allots 18.5 acres of land and agrees to invest Rs 15 lakhs by Equity Capital and thus the first agro based industry in Mysuru state was established

6th April 1966

  • The Govt. of India grants an industrial license to manufacture Power Tillers.

10th November 1966

  • Joint Venture agreement signed by V T Padmanaban with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (MHI) & Mitsubishi Shoji Kaisha, Japan.

20 August 1968

  • VST Tillers Tractors Ltd was incorporated.


  • Purchase of land from Mysuru industrial area development board at Whitefield.

7 March 1969

  • Dr Sir A Ramaswamy Mudaliar appointed as 1st Chairman along with Mr V.T Krishnamoorthy and Mr V.T Velu as Managing Director.

25 March 1969

  • Honorable Chief Minister of Mysuru State, Shri Veerendra Patil releases first batch of Power Tiller


  • Construction of factory building completed. K. Yamamoto takes over as technical director to lead the for indigenization program.
  • Mr V. T Padmanaban takes over as Chairman

4th Sept 1970

  • Smt. Kamala Bai Ammal inaugurates the factory.

October 1972

  • High level world bank delegates visit the factory and gives excellent rating .


  • Poor demand for power tiller and low capacity utilization result in continues business loss.


  • Starts earning profits. First batch power tiller export to African countries.


  • Mr. V.T Padmanaban, Chairman passes away and Mr. V.T Krishnamoorthy succeeds as Chairman.


  • Introduction of Power tiller with water cooled engine.

3 August 1982

  • The Govt. of India grants permission to manufacture 4WD tractors in the range of 14 to 20 bhp.


  • Technical collaboration with Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery(MAM) for the manufacturing of India 1st 4 wheel drive (WD) MT 180D. Product lunch on 8th November 1985 by Mr. S. Inoue, President MAM.


  • Preferential capital of rupees 15 lakhs redeemed.
  • Subsidiary in Power tiller was introduce by Govt. of India.


  • Steep appreciation of Yen (Currency), consequently high import cost of CKD Parts made huge lose eroding the network. Company comes under review of Board of Industrial Finance and Rehabilitation (BIFR).


  • History turn around regains net worth come out of BIFR

20 February 1989

  • Mr. V.T Velu relinquishes his post of Managing Director and takes over as Chairman after guiding the company for over two decades without drawing any remuneration Mr. V.P Mahendra succeeded him

01 July 1990

  • Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Devi Lal visits the factory and recommends subsidy for small tractors.


  • Celebrate Silver Jubilee.
  • Declaration of Maiden dividend.


  • Central Agricultural Minister Shri. Balram Jhakar launches VST Shakti 130 DI Power Tiller
  • VST precision components Ltd.  was promoted by the company along with Kinsho-Matachi Corporation, Japan for the manufacture of the crucial engine components.


  • Mr. V.T Velu retires as the chairman and is succeeded by Mr. V.K Surendra.


  • VST Precision Components merges with  VST Tillers Tractors Ltd.


  • VST awarded contract to supply 1500 Power Tillers to Assam under World Bank Scheme
  • Company  achieves milestone of 10000 Power Tillers and continues to remain a leader


  • Company bags prestigious supply of 1500 tillers to Assam under the world bank aided scheme.
  • Surpassed production of 100000 power tillers


  • Company achieves milestone of 10000 Power Tillers and continues to remain a leader


  • Achieving milestone of 10000 tillers sales.
  • Joint venture agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Limited to manufacture Diesel engines at Mysore.


  • Bonus share declared


  • Setting up training center at Bhubaneswar in association with department of agriculture


  • April 2013 launching of VT 224-1D ( 22 HP ) tractor.
  • Hosur plant inaugurated for the manufacturing of Tractor.
  • Record profit (PBT) of Rs. 122 crores


  • On 12/May/2015 we rolled out the 3,00,000th Power Tiller.
  • VTTL-PCD have been conferred with “Best Supplier Award” by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – VST Diesel Engines Pvt Limited at the supplier meet held on 26/06/2015. We have bagged this in New Product Development – Sub Contract Parts category, for the cam shafts’ supplied to them.
  • Management has signed the Memorandum Of Settlement with the Union of Precision Components Division, Mysore on 19th June 2015 in the Office of Deputy Commissioner Labour, Bangalore.

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